Childcare hours at a glance:

9 hours daily from Monday through Friday
(babysitting on request)

See below an example offer. New programmes are organized each week!

Hello kids - did you have a good night?

10.00 am time to get to know each other - let's learn the "Smiley-dance" 
11.00 am
off we go on the family hike - we take our parents with us and enjoy a hearty picnic together
04.00 pm 
time to do something creative and make fantastic things out of "Play Corn"

06.00 pm 
hungry already? The children's table is set!
... for everyone who is up to it - let's compete in a UNO-tournament!
2 zz7.jpg
Hi - everybody here again?

10.00 am 
we start with a "morning-dance"
12.30 pm
lunch time
02.00 pm  off we go to the little lake to collect sparkling stones
04.00 pm let's watch a thrilling movie in the cinema
06.00 pm
after the children's table we meet for a round of bowling....
"Good morning" to everyone

10.00 am 
let's try our first attempts on a really high climbing wall
12.30 am
04.00 pm
we visit "Heidi & Peter"
after dinner we are ready for new adventures
... how about a "paper chase"...
Schwimmkurs 004.jpg

10.00 am  
We are waiting for you!!
Let´s play a game!! 
12.30 am time for lunch
03.00 pm
The climbing wall is waiting for us....
06.00 pm
we meet at the children's table and afterwards go on a short hike to the lake
at 10.00 am we walk to the "Heidi-Alm" to visit Heidi and Peter. Then we make ourselves comfortable at the large playground and try a "Heidi-Quiz".
In the afternoon we decorate the children's club for the children's disco that takes place after dinner.